7AM (TRINITYVISION) and FUELICS strategic partnership

The rhodian 7AM (TRINITYVISION), an innovative company producing telematics and application software for Radio Taxi companies in tourist areas, Tour Operators and Tour Agents, announces the strategic partnership with the deep tech company developer of Ιnternet-οf-Τhings sensors FUELICS, technological spin-off of the National Research Center  «Demokritοs».

7AM and FUELICS will cooperate to create innovative integrated products in the field of Smart Cities.

TRINITYVISION was found in 2005 and offers integrated solutions for real-time fleet management using modern AI and Machine Learning algorithms, expertised in Taxi Companies, Tour Agents and Tour Operators, regarding transfers, excursions and airport management. The award-winning platforms CABS.GR, DISPATCH.GURU and TOURISMBUS.COM, technically support the tourist transportation operates in over 30 areas in Greece and abroad. As part of the corporate restructuring, the company now operates under the brand name 7AM.

FUELICS was found in 2019 and is a research and development company on  exponential NB-IoT sensor technologies for fuel tank management and Smart City applications. Applying edge computing philosophy in battery operated sensors,  FUELICS sensors which are exclusively produced in Greece, are the most innovative solutions for fuel tank management (TankIoT), occupied parking slots detection, data transmission from digital hydrometers, water level measurement in ground and underground structures and measuring the level of solid waste in garbage bins.